• Q 14.Q: Can I customize the wireless charging module according to my product requirements?

    A A: Of course, we can give you a wireless charging module according to your needs, the product power, size, induction distance are all customizable.
  • Q 13.Q: How long is the product delivery time?

    A:The general product delivery time is within 15 days, specific analysis for specific products.
  • Q 12.Q: Is wireless charging available for phones that do not support Qi?

    A A: Yes, you can add a QI wireless charging receiver and plug the receiver into your smartphone USB port while charging. Using a wireless charger, you can then charge your phone just like any Qi-enabled device. However, some older phone batteries may not be compatible, so it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer before upgrading your old device.
  • Q 11. Q: Will overnight charging damage my phone?

    A A: A wireless charger can charge multiple devices simultaneously, and most devices come with safety protocols to prevent overcharging and overheating.
  • Q 10. Q: Can wireless chargers cause burns?

    A A: As with any other electronic device, wireless chargers do get hot when in use. However, the temperature reached by a wireless charger is almost always within an acceptable range.
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