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We provide excellent quality, price and service
Wireless life

LED Clock wireless charger

Can charge mobile phone /watch /headset
LED clock/temperature display

Enjoy wireless quality
Parallel charging,LCD Alarm Clock,Wireless fast charging,Mobile phone holder,Intelligent protection,Wide compatibility

Farewell to the chaotic cable Era
Many charging lines The table was in a mess
There are many equipment,Incompatible charger
The power cord is often plugged in Wear aging short circuit

Multi device sharing Wisdom leads to the future
It can charge several devices wirelessly at the same time,which is efficient,simple and convenient
Only two devices can be charged at the same time:mobile phone+headset or mobile phone+watch

Wireless charging and discharging Full charge 24 hours
Put down the charge,always fully charged,make life easier

Work life Refined simplicity
One side charging,one side time display,efficient and exquisite life

Super large characters LED display
Big font time display and temperature display,You can see it from afar
LCD font is adjustable in red and blue
alarm clock set up:Can be set alarm clock
time set up:Can be set time
calendar set up:Settable Show calendar
temperature display:Real time display indoor temperature
brightness adjust:Back button Adjustable brightness
The touch screen in the upper right corner can turn off the alarm clock
Back button settings

Safe and fast charging,more efficient Low temperature is safer
10W fast charging,both calorific value and charging efficiency
Independent coil,mobile phone,head-set,watch charging do not interfere with each other

Bottom anti slip pad
Charging to prevent sliding and falling,more secure
Trickle charging does not damage the machine
Use trickle mode to prevent cell phone injury caused by overcharge Protect mobile phone security

Overcharge protection Sleep at night
There is no need to worry about overcharge,heat damage,sleep at night more comfortable

9 major protective intelligent machine
More protection,more peace of mind
Over power protection
Over current protection
Over temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Over voltage protection
Lightning protection
Electromagnetic field protection
Under voltage protection
Electrostatic protection

It can be used as mobile phone flat support It`s easier to do drama
Simple and easy to charge Watch the brush while charging
Clock display
Small space,easy to transport
Folding table lamp 3 in 1 wireless charging
Double coil can be charged horizontally and vertically

Product Description
Table lamp(white light,warm color light,warm white light)
Mobile phone wireless charging induction zone(either horizontally or vertically charging )
Switch/light color switch(Short press to switch the light/long press to adjust the brightness)
iPhone 12 magnetic and motor clip double protection, safety and rest assured
Touch sensitive,adapt to different mobile phone size
iPhone 12 magnetic charging fast and sensitive
Humanized design Compatible with wireless charger phones
The refined design brings you a super stable experience
Car magnetic wireless charger
Simple And Beautiful Suitable For All Kinds of Vehicles
Simple appearance, versatile with various models, silver white aluminum alloy lt's high-end
Designed For Car Multiple Fixation Does Not Shake Off
The bracket can be fixed to the air outlet by using the tightening knob Ensure stability
Air outlet clip Adjustable tightness
The magnetic adsorption of ice is stable
Ice magnetism has strong suction, how can it sway lt's safe
15W high efficiency and fast charging More convenient to use
Can provide up to 15W fast charge Faster than the original ordinary charger Several times,1-2 hours Sufficient power for normal use
Aluminum alloy shell Heat dissipation does not damage the machine
Aluminum alloy shell has good heat dissipation and temperature protection,Accidental damage caused by excessive temperature。
8mm distance
Long distance wireless The shell can also be charged
Aluminum alloy shell has good heat dissipation and temperature protection Accidental damage caused by excessive temperature
No interference signal The network is still stable
Anti magnetic interference, mobile phone signal is not affected by magnetic force
Safety protection
Multiple protection to ensure safety:Over power protection,Over current protection,Temperature protection,Short circuit protection,Over voltage protection,Electrostatic protection,Lightning protection,Electromagnetic field protection,Under voltage protection
Universal rotating ball Adjust the angle at will
The fixed angle of charger can be adjusted manually、
Optional desktop and vehicle specifications
Magnetic suction Automobile bracket
Can be adsorbed to the On the bracket of magnetic car Use wireless charging function
Product parameters:
Product Name:Car magnetic wireless charger
model :C12
power: 15W(Optional) /10W/7.5W/5W
Input specifications:220V/50Hz
Output specification:9V/1A、5V/1A
Sensing distance:8mm
Shell material:aluminium alloy
Product size:5.8X8.5X0.7cm (Linelength100cm)
Mobile phone urgently needs electricity
Just put it aside,5W shallow charge maintenance battery
Mobile phone urgently needs electricity
Connect to the line to charge,2A fast full charge without delay
Charging is not cumbersome,no burden in hand
Combine wireless charging technology with mobile power supply, just press the power button to
charge, making travel more convenient
Don't need a cable to charge the phone on the wireless charger, Make it simple and convenient
Charge two mobile phones at once
Two charging methods, wireless charging output +data line output,can charge two devices at the same time
Upgrade induction Sensing distance 8mm/ Charging with a case-fast,charging more convenient
Pure copper coil
Increase the charging speed by up to 40% Independent large-area coil, increasing the charging conversion rate by up to 80%
Fully compatible
Compatible with 99% of the digital devices in the market mobile phones such as Apple Android type-c and tablets,cameras game consoles, etc.
Built-in indicator aperture, the aperture is comfortable, soft and not dazzling
The thread body is flexible and does not break
Preferred fabric, high flexibility, strong and not afraid of pulling transmission Stable Durable entanglement Prevent
Elegant Design
The smallest size,mix breathing light make you love it more.
Reduce Unnecessary Connections
Built in charging flat cable makes charge simplify,and products thickness is less than 10mm,which reduce than 90% as before.
Zinc alloy & Denim fabric
A combination of materials innovation as well as product
Multiple Safety Protection
Qi Certified, Overheat protection,Overcurrent protection, Short-circuit protection
Powerful Charging Model Makes it Perfect

About Us

Dongguan Miman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent business unit established in 2021 under the Golden Eagle Group. The company's main eye protection lighting series is a manufacturer and supplier of wireless charging products. Founded in 2003, Golden Eagle Group has three production plants (two Pingxiang plants in Jiangxi and one Dongguan plant), a modern industrial workshop of more than 10,000 square meters, and more than 800 employees, including R&D, sales, and personnel departments. Purchasing department, quality department, planning department, finance department and technical department.
The company has more than 20 production lines in the workshop, which truly integrates production and assembly from source research and development to material procurement. In addition, we have 18 years of OEM and ODM experience in the field of eye protection lighting and wireless charging. We provide excellent quality, price and service, and manage to establish strong and reliable relationships with customers all over the world.
Industry Experience
Square Meter
Production Line

Eye-protection Lamp Series

We provide excellent quality, price and service
Clock display
Small space,easy to transport
Folding table lamp 3 in 1 wireless charging
Double coil can be charged horizontally and vertically

Product Description
Table lamp(white light,warm color light,warm white light)
Mobile phone wireless charging induction zone(either horizontally or vertically charging )
Switch/light color switch(Short press to switch the light/long press to adjust the brightness)
Functional characteristics:

1. Portable desk lamp, compact, easy to store and easy to carry

2. Built-in lithium battery, charging lamp, convenient and practical

3. 4W, 200LM highlight small desk lamp

4. Touch switch, three-level dimming

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We have been in this field since 2003 with rich experience.


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